Press Release: Sleep Number Announces Scientific Advisory Board Members

*DJ Sleep Number Announces Scientific Advisory Board Members

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April 29, 2020 10:17 ET (14:17 GMT)

*DJ Sleep Number Scientific Advisory Bd Members Include Eve Van Cauter, Virend Somers, Judith Owens

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April 29, 2020 10:18 ET (14:18 GMT)

Press Release: Sleep Number Announces Scientific Advisory Board Members

Sleep Number Announces Scientific Advisory Board Members

Latest Sleep Number 360(R) smart bed software release — including new features that help consumers learn how to boost immunity and wellness — influenced by board of sleep experts

Sleep Number Announces Scientific Advisory Board Members



Sleep Number Corporation (Nasdaq: SNBR), a purpose driven company in the health and wellness space, is announcing the members of its Scientific Advisory Board, an interdisciplinary group of physicians, clinicians, and researchers with expertise in sleep science and health. The advisory board is providing expert counsel on product advancements and capabilities as Sleep Number advances life-changing sleep innovations that are improving individuals’ overall health and wellness.

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Sleep Number Corporation (Photo: Business Wire)

For years, Sleep Number has applied cutting-edge sleep science and research to enable a deeper understanding of the link between sleep and health. The company paired advanced IoT technology with sleep and consumer research to develop new-to-the-world innovations like the award-winning Sleep Number 360(R) smart bed. As the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened individuals’ concerns about their immunity and emotional and mental resilience, Sleep Number’s leadership in connecting quality sleep to improved health is more important than ever.

The Sleep Number Scientific Advisory Board — chaired by Dr. Eve Van Cauter, an internationally-known expert on the health impact of sleep and circadian rhythms — is working in partnership with Annie Bloomquist, Sleep Number’s Chief Product Officer, to bring a new level of scientific rigor to the company’s sleep innovation roadmap. The advisory board will provide access to clinical research, sleep studies and publication strategies, and guide Sleep Number as it continues to expand health and wellness solutions.

Scientific Advisory Board Members

— Eve Van Cauter, PhD: Dr. Van Cauter is professor in the Department of
Medicine at the University of Chicago and the Principal Investigator of
several federally- and industry-funded research projects focused on the
role of sleep duration, quality and timing for health and well-being
across the life span. Dr. Eve has advised Sleep Number on product
development and research since 2018.
— Virend Somers, MD, PhD: Dr. Somers is Professor of Medicine at the Mayo
Clinic College of Medicine and Science and is the Director of the
Cardiovascular Facility and the Sleep Facility Center for Clinical and
Translational Science at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Somers also serves on the joint
advisory team established as part of a 10-year collaboration between
Sleep Number and Mayo Clinic to advance the science of sleep.
— Judith Owens, MD, MPH: Dr. Owens is Professor of Neurology at Harvard
Medical School and Director of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders
at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Owens is one of the world’s leading
authorities on connections between sleep, health and behavior in children
and adolescents.

“As we advance our mission of improving lives by individualizing sleep experiences, we are linking quality sleep to health and wellness by applying evidence-based sleep and health expertise to our technology and design,” said Bloomquist. “We are working toward a future when Sleep Number(R) beds will be able to identify chronic sleep issues like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome or predict the risk of cardiac diseases like heart failure. Our advisors and their expertise are essential to helping us solve the long-term sleep challenges that affect the health of millions of people.”

Sleep Science Fueling Timely Tech Innovations

The advisors are already contributing to Sleep Number(R) innovations, including the newest health and wellness features in the company’s proprietary SleepIQ(R) technology, the operating system of the Sleep Number 360 smart bed. The April 26 SleepIQ update introduced two new features informed by the expertise of the advisory board. These advancements support growing consumer interest in immunity-boosting activities and products that support wellness in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

— Developed by the Sleep Number’s sleep science and research team with the
support of Dr. Van Cauter, Sleep Circadian Analytics helps sleepers
automatically track their sleep and wake times in the SleepIQ(R) platform
application. Using artificial intelligence, SleepIQ technology learns a
sleeper’s patterns and provides guidance to optimize sleep and wake times,
such as what time of day they are most alert or their optimal time to go
to bed. Not only will the Sleep Circadian Analytics insights help each
sleeper maximize their sleep schedule to align with their ideal circadian
rhythm, it may help fight off illness. One important benefit of Sleep
Circadian Analytics relates to immunity, according to Dr. Van Cauter.
“Human immune function is profoundly modulated by sleep and circadian
rhythms,” Dr. Van Cauter said. “Studies strongly suggest that
insufficient sleep, poor sleep quality or irregular day-to-day timing of
sleep may adversely affect immunity.”
— Monthly Wellness Reports provide an overview of personalized insights,
highlighting sleep health, circadian stability, and respiratory and
cardiovascular health (coming in Q3 2020). The report helps sleepers
understand what is happening with their sleep and see how their sleep
health has changed over time. Internal research indicated that 8 out of
10 users found these Wellness Reports to be valuable, and 40 percent of
the users changed sleep behaviors based upon information provided in the
reports, such as going to bed earlier or changing their pre-bedtime
routine. If sleepers choose, the SleepIQ(R) Wellness Reports can be
shared with their healthcare providers, giving physicians unique access
to individualized data that could help provide a more holistic picture of
patient health.

SleepIQ technology is one of the most comprehensive and accurate sleep databases in the world. Sleep Number’s innovative platform captures over 12 billion biometric data points nightly, conducting one of the largest longitudinal sleep studies in history while improving sleep physiology of sleepers across the United States. Additionally, SleepIQ technology uses the power of data and artificial intelligence to unlock individual and population sleep patterns and provides bio-signal benefits for consumers. With more than 700 million sleep sessions of data and research, the digital health platform is linking quality sleep to individualized wellness.

“The Scientific Advisory Board members’ shared passion and expertise in linking sleep to health will further Sleep Number’s mission,” said Dr. Van Cauter. “The combination of Sleep Number’s hardware platform — the 360(R) smart beds — with the immense scale of SleepIQ technology and applied sleep research will continue to make a meaningful difference in millions of lives.”

About Sleep Number

As a purpose-driven company, Sleep Number’s mission is to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences. Our revolutionary Sleep Number 360 smart beds deliver proven quality sleep through effortless, adjustable comfort. Our integrated SleepIQ operating system captures over 12 billion biometric data points every night and offers actionable insights to improve overall sleep health and wellness.

To experience proven quality sleep, visit or one of over 610 Sleep Number(R) stores. More information is available on our newsroom and investor relations sites.

Forward-looking Statements

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April 29, 2020 10:19 ET (14:19 GMT)




*DJ睡眠号码科学咨询Bd成员包括EVE Van Cauter,Virend Somers,Judith Owens













睡眠数字科学咨询委员会由国际知名的睡眠和昼夜节律健康影响专家伊芙·范考特博士(Dr.EVE Van Cauter)担任主席。该委员会正与睡眠数字公司首席产品官安妮·布卢姆奎斯特(Anne Bloomquist)合作,为公司的睡眠创新路线图带来新的科学严谨程度。该咨询委员会将提供获得临床研究,睡眠研究和出版策略,并指导睡眠数量,因为它继续扩大健康和健康解决方案。


-EVE Van Cauter博士:Van Cauter博士是
-Virend Somers,医学博士,博士:Somers博士是Mayo的医学教授
-Judith Owens,MD,Mh:欧文斯博士是哈佛大学神经学教授



这些顾问已经为睡眠号码(R)的创新做出了贡献,包括该公司专有的SleepIQ(注册商标)技术中最新的健康和健康功能,这是SleepIQ 360智能床的操作系统。4月26日的睡眠智商更新引入了两个新的功能,由咨询委员会的专门知识。这些进步支持越来越多的消费者对增强免疫力的活动和产品的兴趣,以支持健康的冠状病毒大流行。

睡眠昼夜分析支持Van Cauter博士帮助睡眠者
“节奏,”Van Cauter博士说,“研究强烈表明







本新闻稿中使用的与未来计划、事件、财务业绩或业绩有关的声明是受某些风险和不确定因素影响的前瞻性报表,其中除其他外包括:当前和未来的总体和行业经济趋势和消费者信心;流行病或传染病爆发所固有的风险,包括冠状病毒大流行;我们的营销信息的有效性;我们广告和宣传工作的效率;我们执行公司控制的分销战略的能力;我们达到和保持可接受的产品和服务质量水平的能力,以及可接受的产品退货率和保修率;我们继续改进和扩大产品线的能力;消费者对我们产品、产品质量、创新和品牌形象的接受;行业竞争,额外竞争性产品的出现,以及我们的知识产权是否足以保护我们的产品和品牌不受竞争或侵权活动的影响;声称我们的产品、工艺、广告或商标侵犯了他人的知识产权;有吸引力和成本效益高的消费者信贷选择;未决和不可预见的诉讼以及与诉讼有关的不利宣传的可能性;我们的生产工艺库存水平最低,这可能使我们容易受到供应短缺的影响;我们对重要供应商和第三方的依赖,以及我们与主要供应商或第三方保持关系的能力,包括几个单一来源的供应商或服务提供者;不断上升的商品成本和其他通货膨胀压力;全球采购活动中固有的风险,包括关税、流行病、罢工。, 供应短缺的可能性;我们主要制造设施或装配分销设施运作中断的风险;加强政府规管;本港及第三方资讯系统是否足以应付业务不断转变的需要;及



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