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Nicole Johnson, owner and founder, is available as a source, or for interviews, podcasts, and Facebook Live events. Learn more about Nicole here[1].

November 2020: The Baby Sleep Site is proud to be included in the recently published video wiki, “Dedicated Projects For Promoting And Improving Sleep[2].”

October 2020: Nicole gives her opinion on how to choose the best mattress for your sleep on Credit Donkey[3].

July 2020: Read this great interview with Nicole over on BlogHer! From Her Own Sleepless Nights, Nicole Johnson Had a Vision to Help Other Families Get Their Zzzzs Back[4]

June 2020: We’re pleased to be included in Healthline’s article, Everything You Need to Know About the Cry It Out Method[5].

April 2020: In Report: 77% of Americans lose sleep over pandemic[6], Nicole provides an expert opinion on sleep deprivation’s affect on overall health.

April 2020: Nicole is quoted as an expert on baby sleep in Experts Share Their Opinions Regarding Formula Vs. Breastfeeding[7] on Babygaga[8].

April 2020: Nicole is the sleep expert quoted by Sleep Standards in their survey on the corona virus and sleep[9].

July 2019: Over on Healthy Height: Nutrition for Growth, Nicole wrote a new article – 8 Tips for Better Back-to-School Sleep[10].

July 2019: Nicole contributed to this article on the 12 month sleep regression at Living and Loving[11].

June 2019: Nicole answered some questions about how long summer days can affect baby sleep in Will The Summer Solstice Affect Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule?[12] over on Romper.

Also in June 2019, another author on Romper wrote about using our app to improve her toddler’s schedule in the article A Daily Toddler Schedule You Can Actually Follow, According To Real Moms[13].

March 2019: Hear an interview with Nicole by Anna Canzano in “Sleep Strategies for Kids” on That Expert Show:

March 2019:The Baby Sleep Site® is quoted in the article Ready, set, sleep! Teach your newborn about bedtime[14] at

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