Past Life Regression Introduces Quantum Healing Hypnosis Sessions

Each session is intended to help clients heal their past hurts, connect with their higher selves, and gain clarity for the future, reports

— Past Life Regression announced the introduction of their therapy services. Using a unique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique delivered by a certified practitioner, each session is designed to help individuals travel to their past to gain wisdom and understanding of their true selves so they can move forward with greater clarity about the future.

“I started out in life as a fashion model walking the runways of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America while working with the world’s top designers. I’ve won multiple awards as a businessman and even had the opportunity to star in multiple reality television shows. However, none of this work can hold a candle to the fulfillment I’ve felt as a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner who gets to help people from all walks of life connect more deeply with their higher selves,” said Kaya Wittenburg of Past Life Regression QHHT[1].

Connecting to a part of the brain that can normally only be accessed during sleeping and waking moments, QHHT accesses a person’s super-conscious, which knows everything about the individual. When engaged correctly, the super-conscious will relay important information that otherwise would not be accessible through the conscious. Many clients have indicated that this information leads to physical and emotional healing, personal growth, and clarity about the future.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a highly-involved 10-step process that begins before the scheduled QHHT session[2] commences. Clients are asked to prepare a list of questions for their higher selves that cover the categories of life path, health & body, relationships, and visions, mysteries, and dreams. Kaya then spends time getting to know his clients and reviewing those questions before the hypnosis induction, past life exploration, and conversations with the higher self begin.

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