New Service Offerings from SleepScore Labs Leverage 65 Million Hours of Holistic Sleep Data to Help Leading Companies Improve Sleep for Millions by Connecting the Dots

SleepScore’s comprehensive suite of new tools and services span three synergetic pillars that speak to the current needs of the sleep industry, all working together to improve the sleep of millions:

SleepScore Labs’ first pillar is Innovation and it puts focus on partnering with leading brands in the research and development stage to co-develop new sleep improvement products that truly improve sleep, backed by SleepScore’s industry-leading expertise. Current partners include IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances), a leading innovator of flavor, fragrance and nutrition & ingredients, and most recently Endel, the industry leader of cutting-edge app-based soundscapes for sleep, health, and wellness.

SleepScore’s Science Team, led by world-renowned sleep scientist Dr. Roy Raymann, PhD, has been accelerating the second pillar – Validation – through many studies, research, and peer-reviewed publications. This team of sleep experts and researchers design and execute custom studies to test specific claims of sleep products, utilizing the world’s most accurate at-home sleep tracking technology. Validation partners can gain powerful objective and self-report data to validate their sleep product claims and inform their product roadmap. This service allows Validation partners such as Serta-Simmons Bedding and Alen Air Purifiers access to virtually endless testing and study opportunities for organizations in the sleep, health, and wellness industry.

SleepScore’s third pillar is Connection, and it’s focused on ensuring that the benefits of the Innovation and Validation pillars ultimately become available to consumers at scale in a trusted and engaging way that no other company can deliver. Connecting the dots in this pillar is about connecting the right consumers to the right products at the right time, through the brands these consumers are already engaged with. As such, SleepScore Labs partners with large retailers, insurers, and digital health companies around end–to-end consumer journeys enabled by co-branding SleepScore’s apps and a guided sleep improvement journey, leveraging SleepScore’s custom product finder algorithms backed by SleepScore’s leading science expertise and immense data set, licensing unique content driven by unique data insights, plus a host of other customized tools and services that speak to an organization’s end goals.

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